About the Designer

Anna Lipyavko became the talk of the Moscow fashion world in 2005 when she presented  a collection of embroidered stoles in Paris. Anna took part in the gala show of Russian fashion designers at the personal invitation of Pierre Cardin.

Over the past ten years, the ANIYA brand has established an outstanding reputation turning the numerous fans into devoted customers.

Anna Lipyavko opened a charming showroom in Prechistenka and a wedding and evening gowns boutique in Ostozhenka, the very center of the Golden Mile of Moscow. Her designs are often overlooked by fashion journalists since the creative works are not for mass market or even ready-to-wear. Anna Lipyavko represents the Haute Couture in Russian fashion. All the shows and exhibitions in which Anna participated ( the International Festival of Arts “Diaghilev.PS, Russian Aristocratic BALL, exhibition “Les Journees de la Mode Russe”, “Christmas Tale”, exhibition “Recipe: Silver Age Cocktail”, “Plastic Bacchanalia of Leon Bakst Wizard Costume, “Feast of Flowers”,”Watercolor”, exhibition “Russian Beauty”, International project “Leonardo Heritage”, etc.) reflect the artistic rethinking of the traditions of Russian art.

In her designs of the finest cashmere stoles, luxurious bathrobes, and sophisticated evening dresses Anna is inspired by great world art – Italian Renaissance, Catherine’s Baroque, Russian Silver Age, French Belle Epoque. On the muslin tunics and the thinnest scarves her designs incorporate Aubrey Beardsley’s graphics, the classic profiles of the Arthur Fonvizin era or the figures of Diaghilev. Anna also created three joint collections with Italian jeweler Diego Percossi Papi, where precious cabochons were woven into colorful silk – a visible embodiment of Mediterranean hedonism with a touch of oriental luxury.

Anna has mastered European, Oriental and Russian embroidery techniques, skillfully combining the hand-made techniques with different types of lace – Chantilly, Richelieu, Macrame, Vologda and Yelets. It allows the designer to achieve the unique contemporary “Russian style” while maintaining the old world techniques.  And this has always been the most difficult task for the Russian designers. Anna has indeed created that elusive “Russian style”.

 Anna is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists.